About Us

Weavers Gallery Bhagalpur is humble initiative to showcase the rural weaving to the world. Started by a woman entrepreneur, Weavers Gallery aims to provide market to a rather unorganized rural weavers and craft makers and thus providing a sustainable livelihood to them. We have shaped ourselves as a social enterprise which attempts to nurture, sustain and up skill the rural weaving and craftsmanship.Our weaves are focused on regional products and Art. Weavers gallery has a range of handcrafted products such as Sarees, Stoles and Dupattas , Running hand loom fabrics in Silk, Linen and Cotton. We Specialize in the following:

  • Fabric Weaving : We weave finest of Sarees, Dupattas and Fabric in Silk , Linen and Cotton. All weaves are are done on handloom . Our Silk yarns are natural Silk ( Tussar, Eri and Muga) , Our Linen Yarn are True Quality linen yarns and Cotton yarns are natural too. If you are buying a Weavers Gallery product , you are assured of highestquality.

  • Dyeing : As we use natural yarns for weaving, we ensure that colors used in dyeing of our fabrics are natural and eco-friendly as well. Synthetic colors are seldom used and that too are rigorously tested.

  • Printing : We have facilities for screen/Block/Digital printing available. you can select from the designs we have or as our partner designers/brand owners do, bring your own.

  • Hand-Painting/Madhubani painting: This one is our specialty. We have a team of dedicated artists from Mithila region , who create amazing work of art on Silk /Premium Linen.
  • So , if you are looking for personalized shopping for your own retail therapy and collection or you are a retailer/boutique owner yourself looking to build your own brand...! We would love to be a part of your happiness. Want to know more about us ? Feel free to reach out. Write to us on support@weaversgallery.com or call on 91-7549260112.